The Burgen-Klettersteig

A unique via ferrata and nature experience around the spectacular backdrop of the two Manderscheid castles.

The Burgen-Klettersteig consists of three stages, which can be experienced individually or connected with each other by short hiking passages. An approach of approx. 1.3 km leads you from the Burgenblick car park to the start of stage 1.

Stage 1_Lieser opens the Burgen-Klettersteig directly with an unusual climbing experience. Alternating between rugged rock formations and short hiking passages, the route leads through the Lieser Valley – always with a direct view of the gently rushing stream.
Impressive nature experience in difficulty level B/C, occasionally D.

Stage 2_Oberburg is the shortest stage and well suited as a taster tour. Via an old rock path, which was already used by the Manderscheid knights, you climb up to the Oberburg (upper castle) on a short climbing passage. There, the wide view opens up over the Lieser Valley to the pinnacle stage of the Burgen-Klettersteig around the Niederburg (lower castle).
Difficulty A/B. A rock climb of approx. 30m height up to difficulty C.

Stage 3_Niederburg starts at the Turnierwiese (tournament meadow) in the steep rock directly below the majestic castle keep. This stage is demanding and requires good physical condition due to some exposed and overhanging passages. The castle bridge, a 60 m long and 20 m high rope bridge over the stream Lieser, and the exit over the rock face called “Tempelwand” is the perfect final of the via ferrata.
Difficulty C/D.

For those beginning with via ferrata and learning the right techniques, there is a short practice via ferrata (difficulty A/B) on the Turnierwiese below the Niederburg.

Safety notice:

The Burgen-Klettersteig may only be climbed with personal safety equipment for via ferratas (helmet, climbing harness and via ferrata set). It requires physical fitness, surefootedness and a head for heights.
Alpine dangers! Only for experienced climbers at their own risk! Increased danger of slipping on the rocks when wet!

Brief information on the Burgen-Klettersteig

Start/FinishCar park Burgenblick, 54531 Manderscheid
Total distanceApprox. 4.0 km, of which 1.3 km are access way, approx. 1 km rope-secured in total
Walking timeDepending on experience and condition, approx. 3-4 hours plus breaks
RequirementsSurefootedness, no fear of heights, good physical condition, sturdy shoes, reach height of arms approx. 1.60 m (body height min. 1.40 m).
EquipmentSafety equipment: helmet, climbing harness, via ferrata set. Gloves recommended

Safety equipment hire:

Helmet, climbing harness and via ferrata set can be rented for a fee at the GesundLand Tourist Information Point accommodated in the “Kurhaus”, Grafenstraße 21